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    I've been using the tablet with the case linked below for about a month. Functionally it's fine, but I'm not sure if it's causing these tiny scratches on the screen as the keyboard contacts the screen when the case is closed.

    I attached photos but I couldn't get the camera to focus clearly enough so you probably can't see the scratches. Right now it's no big deal because they're small and only a couple of them. My concern is that the screen seems delicate to be scratched by ABS plastic? I used my Note 8.0 tablet for six years with obviously much older screen material and never had anything like this. For now I'm just putting a piece of microfiber cloth on the screen before closing, but I don't feel that should be necessary for whatever generation of Gorilla Glass we're on.

    Fintie Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 2018 Model SM-T830/T835/T837, Slim Shell Lightweight Stand Cover with Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GWPXK4M...cUvbUpU6566884Tiny scratches on screen?-20190619_095754.jpegTiny scratches on screen?-20190619_095711.jpeg
    06-20-2019 07:59 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Be careful about any crumbs or other debris on the keyboard, because that could easily cause scratches. I've had that occur on my Pixel C.
    06-20-2019 09:43 AM
  3. ClintRo's Avatar
    Most likely it is Sand on the keyboard scratching the screen. Sand is actually really hard and can scratch the screen even when you use a Microfiber cloth to clean it off. I use the camera lens cleaning wipes for portable uses, and the cleaner bottle with a microfiber cloth at home and work. It is very unlikely that the plastic keys are scratching the screen.

    Tiny scratches on screen?-capture.jpg Tiny scratches on screen?-capture2.jpg


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    06-20-2019 10:37 AM
  4. Darth Mo's Avatar
    Ok, thanks. I think getting some little rubber feet to put on the corners of the keyboard which will keep the flat plastic parts from touching the screen. The bezel at the top of the keyboard is pretty dirty with small particles now that I look at it, so it was probably that. It probably should have had that in the first place, but oh well.

    Thanks for the responses, I will be able to make it work.
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    06-20-2019 11:55 AM
  5. Brew Swayne's Avatar
    I clicked on the link and read the 1* and 2* reviews and there were a few (maybe 3?) other people complaining about the keys scratching the screen, so I guess it's possible that's what you're experiencing, but they were so limited in comparison to other complaints that it's hard to take them seriously. As others have said, you probably got a grain of sand or some other speck of something abraisive on the keyboard that is scratching your screen.

    I second the Lens Wipes. That's all I've been using on my phones and tablets for the last few years.
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    06-20-2019 04:29 PM
  6. JREwing's Avatar
    We use lens wipes on all of our tech screens. And it works for your eyeglasses as well. We buy the 250 box at Sam's Club. Lens Wipes dont streak. They are very handy. I keep them in my truck, backpack, pockets, everywhere.
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    06-21-2019 08:24 AM

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