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    I know this is a minor issue, but I just bought this tablet for my wife. She has a small but growing YouTube channel. For some reason, only on this new tablet, she does not have the "heart" icon to give someone a quick like for their message. She has the thumbs up, thumbs down and reply icon. Over to the right she can also pin, block, etc. Only the heart button is missing. It get it. Most people would care about this, but her plan was to use the tablet around the house since the screen is larger than her S10+

    BTW, she has the heart button on her S10+ and her Windows desktop computer.

    I have uninstalled the latest version of the app and reinstalled it. You apparently can't uninstall the whole app. I guess it's baked into the software.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to fix this.

    She LOVES the S5E it's just this one small thing that may be the deal breaker.
    06-07-2019 09:28 PM
  2. etheberge's Avatar
    Sorry I can't help but just confirming it's the same behavior on mine.
    06-07-2019 10:42 PM

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