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    I had been using my tab S6 with a kiwibird USB C SD card reader and this worked great.
    I ordered a Samsung 128gb U3 micro SD card but my issue is that while the micro SD card is in the tablet, the USB card reader does not get recognised when I am using a 64gb Toshiba SDXC card in the card reader. Strangely if I use a Transcend 64gb SDXC card in the card reader it is recognised. If I remove the micro SD card from the tablet the Toshiba SD card is then recognised.

    Funnily enough the Toshiba SD card is recognised via the card reader when inserted into my Note 9, even when the same micro SD card is in there.

    I've contacted Samsung but they have no idea. Has anyone experienced compatibility problems with this tablet?
    06-15-2020 11:51 AM

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