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    So glad they finally did something with Samsung internet. Had an update this morning, nothing on my s20 plus though so it may be a tablet update only. Scrolling is way smoother. The scroll bar when scrolling through your bookmarks is buttery smooth now too. It used to just jump in quarters of the screen. It's not perfect but a huge improvement. Scrolling and animations anywhere in Samsung internet are much better. The jumpiness of everything made the tablet feel so clunky.
    Not sure why Android tablets are so unrefined software wise than the phones. My note 10, and s9 before that are both still snappier and smoother than the tab despite the s9 being generations removed, and the note 10 with same specs. Screen size shouldn't matter if resolution is the same.

    Anyway, just wanted to point out the much needed update to Samsung internet and see if anyone else noticed the big difference.
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    06-30-2020 08:56 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar

    Samsung internet app always been good on my devices , not sure on tablets as I dont use them.
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    07-01-2020 02:12 AM

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