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    I recently purchased a used Galaxy Tab S6. I was warned it had a warning about the bootloader being unlocked. No big deal. The seller couldn't remember his Samsung account credentials so we couldn't factory reset at time of purchase via Settings. No big deal. I went into Download Mode and relocked the bootloader. I went into Recovery Mode and Factory Reset. In hindsight, that was the wrong order!!!!
    During the new device setup, I ran into "This tablet is protected by Know Cloud Service. To continue setup, connect to a wi-fi or mobile network." I've done that (since I can't skip the step) and get the dreaded "Can't create work profile" error and that's as far as the set up will go.
    So I used Odin to flash the latest stock ROM and factory reset again and wiped the cache and I'm still having that problem.
    In download mode, I've confirmed that Knox has been tripped. However, the bootloader is locked again and I can't get to the Developer Mode so I can't unlock it. Nor can I turn on USB debugging.
    Yesterday, the seller was able to remove the device from his profile in Google and Samsung. That got me 100% through the "Knox Enrollment Service" but then as soon as it starts looking for updates, I'm back to the "Can't create work profile" loop.

    I've googled like mad, posted to other forums, and I'm not finding a solution. Can anyone help me out? I'd prefer to stay on Stock ROM so there are no hardware issues (particularly with the SPen) as I'm planning to use this device extensively for note-taking (with OneNote). However, I'm open to custom ROM if that's my best/easiest/simplest route.

    Getting desperate...
    Thanks in advance!
    01-18-2023 11:28 AM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    You can't return it back to the seller? Sounds they used it as a work device or someone did, factory reset or flashing stock firmware not going fix this
    01-18-2023 10:54 PM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    I believe the iphone only phone I seen can default to speaker phone but I have to double check that
    01-18-2023 11:04 PM
  4. kfroese's Avatar
    Checked with the seller. He bought it from Kijiji as well from the original owner. It's always been a personal device, never an institutional one.
    Last night's searching of the internet determined that the device is in "prenormal" status so I'm just going to wait 7 days and reboot. That might be sufficient. Nothing to lose at this point.
    01-19-2023 10:08 AM
  5. kfroese's Avatar
    If I was the seller, I wouldn't take it back. It worked when he had it and now I've gone and buggered it up.
    01-19-2023 10:08 AM
  6. mustang7757's Avatar
    Well with the seller having to remove their account from the device which should of been done before selling to you , something off with the device as its been through 2 hands before yours at least you know and knox is Trip, those are all red flags to return it
    01-19-2023 10:31 AM
  7. mustang7757's Avatar
    Sorry for iPhone comment was meant for another thread i was in lol
    kfroese likes this.
    01-19-2023 10:32 AM

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