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    I have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy tablet s6. To use my headphones, I need to use a usb-c to jack dongle with DAC. My headphone works perfectly but my microphone no longer works when my headphone is plugged in. What I have learned from research is that DAC will take over my audio in and out and that apps on the tablet think the microphone is where my DAC is. I tried apps like "Lesser AudioSwitch" to try and force Android to use my internal mic but without succes.

    Some notes:

    - My headphones have no mic, they are only headphones
    - Saying "Hey google" works and it will record what I am saying, but as soon as the app opens, the mic no longer works. It seems that internal mic works outside of apps but as soon as I am in an app, the microphone changes to external DAC.
    - Bluetooth headphones are not an option because of the latency I will have when I want to record my guitar with the microphone. I bought this tablet to do some recording but I want to hear my click track in my headphones while recording. I want to use the microphone of the tablet because of portability.

    Can someone help me? From what I have learned, using a dongle without DAC is not an option since this tablet has no Jack input, only USB-c and DAC is not internal anymore in the tablet. I want to be able to use my internal microphone while using my headphones connected to the USB-c port with a dongle.
    12-31-2019 04:31 AM

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