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    Posted this in another thread, but copying here so others might find it. Apologize for the duplication:

    Impressions (Tab S7+):

    Can only echo what others have said -- incredibly light and thin, but very sturdy feel. Build quality seems to be top notch.

    I ran into a very annoying and puzzling problem of Tab seeming not to want to start. I kept pressing the side button to start it and would get a flash of screen, then dark screen. Repeat, repeat, repeat. [BTW, Tab arrived with 53% charge, so I put it on charger and went to do something else.] Finally got it to start and boot, with repeated instances of screen going black. Used Smart Switch and USB cable to move setting, configurations, data, and apps from my Tab S3.

    Once I had all setup, I tried to revise some Settings to my liking and tried to run several apps to get a feel for the speed, lag, etc. I became VERY frustrated, however, with this persistent problem of screen going black, short press on side button would give a 1-2 second flash, then return to black. This was especially persistent when held in "normal" portrait mode (side button and volume rocker oriented on upper right side) at angle greater than full horizontal. In landscape (camera at the top) this happened a few times, but generally pretty stable. The portrait mode thing, continued for hours, even after a couple of full restarts.

    Purely by accident, I finally discovered that the Tab would remain stable in portrait mode if I held it upside down (button and rocker on lower left side). I thought this was very weird behavior and was beginning to suspect a problem with the orientation sensor, somehow. Finally put it down about 1:00 am.

    This morning, I had a few repeat instances, but mostly the Tab remained stable in the proper portrait orientation. Now I think I have discovered the problem: the way I was holding the folded-back tri-fold cover. I have always folded the cover back into a tri-fold that is convenient to hold in my left hand while I read and use my right hand to navigate. This morning, I "accidentally" just folded the cover completely flat across the back of the Tab and had zero issues. When it dawned on my what might be going on, I tried accordioning the tri-fold cover and , sure enough, the screen to dark issue returned. It seems like the magnets in the cover and the magnets on the back of the Tab are so sensitive that placement of that portion of the cover caused the Tab to go to sleep mode.

    So, since solving this issue, I find every app I have checked to be immediately responsive -- zero noticeable wait time to load and open an app. Scrolling is fluid! SPen has no lag -- the little scratching sound effect is a bit annoying (Tab does this as pen moves across the screen), but I'm sure that can be turned off somewhere. I finished a Netflix show I had previously started on another device -- all was seamless. Picture was superb -- a bit dark, but I think the video was filmed that way. Sound was not bad -- didn't turn it above about half due to others nearby in the house.

    Only remaining frustration is getting into apps that require logins and refreshing those logins for this device. Same as starting up a new smartphone.

    Refer to the photo attached for size comparison between the Tab S7+ and my Tab S3 (9.7 in). Despite significant size difference, weight feels about the same.

    S7+ Impressions and Setup challenges-tab-s7-plus-vs-tab-s3.jpg
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    09-23-2020 03:13 PM
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    I see your problem. That homescreen background is more than likely the problem. . Congrats on the new tablet and thankfully you figured out the cover problem.
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    09-23-2020 05:18 PM

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