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    Hi all! On all Samsung devices running on Android 11, it seems like all the details to a contact (eg phone number, account number, job title, address, email) are missing on both the Samsung Contacts app (orange icon) and Phone app (green icon). Even the call/video/message buttons are missing too when clicking into a contact to view more details.

    A little more background, I am an app developer in charge of my company's internally developed application that allows users to download contacts from cloud into their phones.

    My findings thus far:
    1. Issue is happening only in Samsung devices running on Android 11

    2. No issues in Samsung devices running on OS lower than Android 11

    3. No issues with other devices that has Google Contacts as its default contacts app such as Google Pixel 5 (also running on Android 11)

    4. When inputting numbers in the search feature in Samsung Contacts app is used, the phone numbers of the contacts can be seen
    When looking at companies, the company names are shown as well
    Judging from these findings, I assume that all details have indeed been inserted into the Samsung Contacts app but the details are not showing as expected for some reason

    5. After selecting on a contact and clicking for more info, I noticed there an "unblock contact" option. Upon clicking on it, nothing happens. This is the same for all the other contacts that were inserted through my internally developed app.

    Appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!!
    02-05-2021 01:41 AM
  2. anon(10614692)'s Avatar
    I am running an S10 on Android 11 and have been since the Beta program and those are not my findings.
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    02-05-2021 02:07 AM
  3. usagichanx3's Avatar
    Hi Galactic Zoo, thanks for your quick response! May I know if you have manually created the contacts in the Samsung Contacts app, or did you use a 3rd party app to download contacts to your S10 device?

    I find that manually creating contacts would show all the details as expected. It is only when contacts are downloaded using the internal app that I see this issue. Thus I am not sure if something needs to be changed in the codes in the app to cater for Samsung Contacts app in Android 11 (The question remain why it worked for Google Contacts on Android 11 though)

    02-05-2021 05:30 AM
  4. Seeker336's Avatar
    FYI, I recently updated my Note20 Ultra to Android 11, UI 3.1.

    All my contacts came over from my previous Note 8 to an S20 Ultra, to my Note 20 Ultra. All were transferred via SmartSwitch, with backup from Samsung cloud to merge any details that might not have transferred. I just checked three contacts at random and each one has full info details.

    Update: And I just checked on my wifi S7+ -- all the contact info is there as well.
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    02-05-2021 03:54 PM

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