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    hello everyone im a new member here so im sorry if im not putting this in the right format or something

    i have an issue where everytime my tab's wifi is turned on that it sucks my internet speed tremendously..
    my latency was 9-12ms on my pc until i turned on my tab's wifi.. it escalated so fast that it turned to 2k-3k ms in a matter of 2 seconds
    i checked this and that in the tab looking for any sort of auto update but i fail to.. plus if there is an update on something it wont really sucks my internet that much assuming when i download a game it only take me to 200ms-300ms..
    so does anyone knows whats wrong? if anyone can help it will be a huge help for me and probably others with same question.. thank you very muvh in advance
    07-10-2013 12:43 AM

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