1. piddonkadonk's Avatar
    Where can I find the Galaxy Tab multimedia and/or keyboard docks?

    I have looked everywhere online. Some sites say they're on backorder, some say they're not released yet. Pretty crazy. Especially because when I bought my Galaxy Tab at the Verizon store they sold me an HDMI cable, but there is nowhere for it to connect to without the dock!

    Also - not to be a doomsdayer or anything here, but this doesn't look good for any of us as far as Samsung support goes:

    Galaxy Tab production cut in half from weak sales? - Android Life: An Android Community Blog

    With that being said, I still love my Tab.
    11-17-2010 07:02 PM
  2. toddjy's Avatar
    Instead of cutting sales, they need to cut the price a little bit. Even a cut of $50 would cause sales to go up.
    11-26-2010 12:15 AM