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    Okay, so first let me say that I am new here on the forums, and I usually don't surf forums unless I am looking for a solution for a fix, etc.
    I couldn't find any answers on google and so on, so I ended up here to ask for help or for someone with a similar case as mine.

    So, I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM T-230 and started it up, went through all the process of setting it up, setting up all the google accounts and so on. Everything looked fine so I started downloading few apps that I find essential for any android.
    Suddenly a random app from google crashed (default app) and gave me that pesky error where it says "Unfortunately <App> has stopped.
    I didn't think of it as much, it always happens at some point and usually I ignore it and move on. So I went to explore with the device some more to see how good it is, and downloaded few games to check them out. During the process of checking out the device I kept getting those app errors over and over. Random stuff kept crashing, like stuff that actually isn't running and is probably running somewhere in the system background. I restarted the device a few times, cause that's probably something that we do first when stuff go wrong. Didn't help it kept happening more and more. I tired to open Chrome to actually look for a solution but it didn't let me even open chrome instead it bombarded me with "Unfortunately Chrome has stopped.".

    I ended up resetting the device to the factory settings, and did everything from the start. This time I didn't install any apps, thinking the problem could have been caused by one of the apps I installed. No luck though, It kept crashing, so I did a factory reset again. No luck...
    I ended up leaving the device and turned it off, thinking that I'd bring it back once I got the chance to. Later on I started it up again, thinking there might be still hope. The device seems to have calmed down a bit, but still keeps giving me errors here and then, but I am not really using it that much thinking it might start going crazy again. Oh and I totally forgot to mention that It keeps restart by itself for no reason.

    So I thought I might give it a shot here, mostly because I am curious what the problem could be, since it's brand new and all. I probably will bring it back and get it replaced.

    PS: The device is running Android Version 4.4.2

    Here's a few screenshots:

    Brand New Galaxy Tab 4 keeps App crashing &quot;Unfortunately &lt;App&gt; has stopped.&quot;-screenshot_2015-09-20-12-02-51.png Brand New Galaxy Tab 4 keeps App crashing &quot;Unfortunately &lt;App&gt; has stopped.&quot;-screenshot_2015-09-20-12-03-32.png
    09-20-2015 04:51 AM

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