1. melissasroja's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to turn off the sound the keypad makes everytime you type a letter? Like the little click sound? When using swype it doesnt make a sound but when not using swype it does and its driving me nuts! Thanks.

    02-20-2011 07:41 PM
  2. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Pull down you notification bar and hit the silent setting. Or you can try another keyboard like swift. I agree the sound is very annoying.

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    02-20-2011 07:52 PM
  3. verwon's Avatar
    I'm not sure what the settings are in your phone, but some have an option to turn that off in the keyboard settings.

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    02-20-2011 07:54 PM
  4. armdavid2's Avatar
    go to sound settings, vibration intensity....adjust there.
    Same place on all 2.2 phones/tablets. same problem with evo....was wicked loud
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    02-21-2011 05:48 AM
  5. melissasroja's Avatar
    I installed Swift and its great. Taking a little adjusting to the keys but at least the sound is gone!
    02-23-2011 08:41 AM
  6. sybrants5505's Avatar
    This has been driving me crazy and after seeing this thread I did figure it out. I would only assume it's the same for most android phones.
    Go to settings, language & keyboard, android keyboard and make sure sound on keypress is unchecked.
    06-21-2011 10:53 AM
  7. prezmater's Avatar
    This has been driving me crazy and after seeing this thread I did figure it out. I would only assume it's the same for most android phones.
    Go to settings, language & keyboard, android keyboard and make sure sound on keypress is unchecked.
    But alas the SGT uses a Samsung Keyboard and not the Android Keyboard. It also has Swype pre-installed, but I find it awkward to use on my Tab, but you could try it.

    I personally installed GingerKeyboard on my Tab, same with both of my EVOs and my buddies Eris. So much better (IMO).
    06-24-2011 12:36 AM
  8. cmllr's Avatar
    Like prezmater I just installed a different keyboard and turned the sound off in its preference, I like the hacker's keyboard, it's clean and has quite a few customization options.
    06-28-2011 09:04 AM
  9. Nubs#AC's Avatar
    Just turn the "System Volume" down to nothing. Basically, just do this when your SGT is on it's home screen. Hit the volume down arrow on the side, and the keypad clicking will go away.
    07-04-2011 11:02 PM
  10. Mrs davis's Avatar
    Hello, I've have the solution! I just this phone yesterday and that noise had to go!

    Here is what you do (tested only on htc evo 3d):
    Go to settings
    Then sounds
    Turn audible touchtones off

    The keyboard still vibrates but the clicking sound is enabled. Happy typing!
    07-15-2012 12:02 PM
  11. diana brighouse's Avatar
    Thank you so much - I'd tried all sorts of things before discovering I needed to go to language & keyboard rather than sound settings.
    01-04-2013 03:31 PM
  12. rpg007's Avatar
    check your swype settings too
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    02-05-2013 05:22 AM
  13. CCoreJr's Avatar
    Go Setting>Language and Input>the click the gear next to samsung keyboard>advanced> then uncheck the tey tap vibrations and key tap sound. Hope this helps
    02-19-2013 08:55 AM
  14. mom_of_many's Avatar
    I am the odd woman out here, I want the sound...I figured out how to turn it on but I can barely hear it, turned up all my sound settings I could find and its still barely making any sound..how can I turn it up?
    03-03-2013 01:10 PM
  15. Evar4life's Avatar
    That worked for my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Thanks!!!
    Settings - Language and Input - Samsung Keyboard (Click on the Gear Next to it on the right hand) - Advanced - Key-tap sound Uncheck.
    03-26-2013 10:14 PM
  16. Brittany Hepworth's Avatar
    This worked for me (S3) thank you! That sound was driving me nuts
    05-11-2013 12:36 PM
  17. Valkem's Avatar
    That was what I was looking for. I had everything adjusted about right, and I couldn't get the stupid keyboard to quit making tap-tap-tap while I was texting.

    Speaking of annoying, a person at the store still had their droid set to the robot voice "DROID" with every notification. She was also a text hound. I would say after about 20 times in 2 minutes, I started chewing my phone case and pacing the floor, so i wouldn't go to jail.
    05-24-2013 03:31 PM
  18. britt93's Avatar
    Not sure if it is quite the same but, i have a galaxy stellar. Settings -> Sound -> Volume -> Adjust "System" to the lowest setting.
    06-24-2013 12:15 PM
  19. Michelle Hummel's Avatar
    Thank you so much.
    08-03-2013 04:16 PM
  20. Arnout Boer's Avatar
    09-12-2013 01:50 PM
  21. mick mc's Avatar
    Hallaluya .sanity again
    09-13-2013 06:14 PM
  22. Donna Specht's Avatar
    I have an Android SCH-1545.
    Under settings go to: My Device, Input and Control, Language and Input, then under "keyboards and input methods" select Samsung keyboard settings...under general settings select "advanced", de-select key-tap sound.
    Only a FEW steps! (sarcasm!)
    10-13-2013 06:32 PM
  23. sin1034's Avatar
    thanks that worked perfectly for me was annoying me as well
    12-28-2013 11:23 AM
  24. sbkhan303's Avatar
    Best answer... Thanks.
    03-20-2014 03:10 AM
  25. Squirrel35's Avatar
    Hi CCoreJr, Thanks for your help. I really needed to silence my Cubot P6 as sending texts was certainly getting on my nerves. My Cubot is a Chinese copy of Samsung's Galaxy S5 and it is an android. You certainly know your stuff. This website will be marked on my favourites from now on. Please note my spelling of favourites is right as I'm English.

    Thanks again, Squirrel35
    09-14-2014 12:03 PM