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    Let me just start off by saying hello, first post and sorry for the long title haha,

    I recently purchased a refurbished Tab 4 10.1 from Best Buy, "Geek Squad Certified" whatever that means. I actually got super lucky because I had $45.00 off Best Buy (BB member) and the Tab 4 10.1 refurb was just on sale for $199, it's now back to $250. So basically I got the Tab 4 for $180, which in my opinion is a steal!

    Anyways, tablet seems great, looks brand new, no damage, although Best Buy sent a generic charger with a bent micro-usb prong that is unusable, anyways luckily I have an OEM Samsung tab charger that I can use.

    My question is, has any one else noticed that once it charges to 100% and you unplug, it jumps down to 98% fairly quickly? Like alarmingly quick.

    I rooted it last night and installed some apps, I installed greenify, titanium backup, some ram and performance boosters that I've tinkered with, a battery performance app, and the issue is unchanged (not even sure if these apps work, they have good ratings in the play store). This issue was happening BEFORE I rooted so I know rooting didnt cause issues.

    When I got my tablet, it had 80% charge and since then I've been keeping it near 100%, it hasn't dropped below 80, so maybe I should let it drain low and then charge up to 100 again? I also installed a calibration app after rooting, plugged it in and charged it to 100%, at that point, I clicked the button which cleared the batt stats file. (Sorry I probably sound like a noob)

    Anyways, anyone else notice this problem with theirs? Maybe It's too soon and needs a few charges and discharges. But I've never seen that happen on a device, the battery dropping that quick. Although it does seem that once it drops down to 95/94% it stays still for a little.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    EDIT: Stats right now, it's at 94%, 50m 10s on battery, screen has been on for 24m 36s. Doesn't that sound abnormal? I really haven't even been heavily using it, just scrolling through it.
    12-16-2014 04:20 PM
  2. ossodiseppia's Avatar
    I've had nothing but problems with the charging system on my tablet. After 4 months of ownership, it now only charges to somewhere around 75%. Today, I had it on for several hours and it never bulged off the 75% charge. Finally, it dropped a bit, say to 60+%, then it took a nose dive to 19%. It's very annoying.

    I'd like to find an inductive charging system for it, but no one makes one, yet.

    I had the exact same issue with my Samsung phone. I installed an inductive charger and it now works perfectly with the cord or wireless charger.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to hook up a receiving coil directly to the battery, I'd like to know.
    01-04-2015 11:28 PM

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