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    I recently got a Tab 4 10.1, model T537A (AT&T). I was intending to get a bluetooth keyboard case for it, but I'm finding the selection of (verified) accessories for this device is very small. The only bluetooth keyboard cases I found say that they support the "Galaxy tab 4 10.1", but don't actually fit this model (I tested this directly with one of them). When I later looked at the finer print, I see that they often support the T530 or T535, but not the T537A.

    It looks like my only viable strategy is to get a somewhat generic ordinary case with cover (like PureGear Universal Tablet Folio for 9 to 10 inch Tablets - Original 60680PG) along with a standalone bluetooth keyboard (like http://www.amazon.com/SPARIN%C2%AE-Bluetooth-Keyboard-Samsung-Edition/dp/B00GD7EPRI).

    Do I have any other reasonable options here?
    09-17-2015 11:27 AM

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