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    Hi! We moved my daughter from an old Tab 2 to a Tab 4. One main reason was that her favorite apps were not running well on it. Turns out, the Watch Disney app family will not run on the Tab 4. (Yeah, go figure.) It meets the OS requirements, but it's just not available for the 4.

    I was thinking about rooting it to try and get them installed. Does anyone know if this would work? Since I really have no need to root otherwise (not at this point, anyway) if it doesn't work, I'd rather not chance it. I am familiar with rooting devices, so that's not the issue, just would rather not tinker if not needed.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
    09-24-2015 09:43 AM
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    I moved your post to the Tab 4 10.1 forum (I figured it was the 10.1, since you had tried to post initially in the Note 10.1 forum).

    Rooting won't make the app suddenly show up in Google Play Store--the compatibility determination is done on the Play Store side. You could try to find the apk installer file for that Watch Disney app on the web and manually install it (after going to Settings>Security and turning on "Unknown Sources"). But be cautious, because places where you find apk files are unregulated, and might include malware.
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    09-24-2015 12:08 PM

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