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    Hi folks.

    Where is the cache store for files on android?

    I'm trying to find a folder that is being cashed there by the system.



    Here are the details:

    I'm looking for location for the folder "SamsungTTS HD UK English". That's at least for CM Lite app shows but actual folder name on the device may be different. It is being cached on my device but I can't find it. Size is 266MB in my case. CM Lite app (Clean Master Lite) scans and shows the folder under "Residual Junk Files". CM Lite doesn't have root privileges, so the folder is stored under some user accessible path.

    I spent countless hours to find the folder in ES Explorer but I can't find it. Also tried to search under root, but as I said, the folder is not stored under root. So it looks like it is cached on the device under user.

    When I delete the folder using CM Lite, the free space goes up by 266mb. However few minutes later the free space drops again and a subsequent scan with CM Lite shows the folder is recreated again. The folder is re-created even if I am off-line.

    I use Samsung TTS but only for non-English languages. However, for some reason it still gets copied automatically. The English HD voice is not installed and I don't use it (HD English Samsung voice not selected in Samsung TTS configuration).

    So it looks like the system is cashing the English HD voice regardless whether I have the English HD voice activated or not. It seems it copies it from the Samsung factory image partition and stores somewhere as cached file, I guess to make it available for installation.

    If I disable Samsung TTS app completely, then I don't have the issue with the Folder being copied.

    I suspect it happens because the system language is set to English. Even through my setting is to use Ivona English voice, it still cashes the Samsung HD TTS voice somewhere under user folder to make it "ready".

    It's wasting 266mb of space.

    Also interestingly, it doesn't try to cache the English TTS folder if there is not enough space on the device. It only cashes the folder if I have more than 500mb left.

    I'm trying to find out where is the folder being cashed and try to find out if it's possible to prevent it from happening.

    Here is my configuration:
    My Tab 4 is SM-T530NU, English, Android 5.0.2. I'm a running low on space.

    TTS configuration:
    Google TTS - uninstalled and disabled - don't use
    Samsung TTS engine - enabled; Use the HD version of Spanish and German (very good voices, I think they are Acapela or Loquendo voices); However, I do not use the English HD voices from Samsung, I don't have them installed and not downloaded.
    I have Ivona Amy for English instead, I believe the best English voice you can get. Ivona English is also selected as the DEFAULT language in Android.
    08-12-2017 10:59 AM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    it's saved in system directory and should be deleted if you uninstalled the app.
    08-12-2017 03:04 PM

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