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    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 LTE going down to 15%, then i have message of too small voltage. Is nomal. Then it go down relative quickly (20 minutes or shortly) to 5% and then the brightness will turn down to extremely dark. The percentage will then go to 1% and - nothing happens. It working with this dark brightness for approx 1-2 hours and no shutdown will be invoked. I can with this dark display play videas from youtube, WiFi active, Bluetoot on, ...

    My questions:
    1.) How can i modify Android to leave brightness on usefull niveau till last moment by (like on ma previous Gal.Tab 2 with Android 4.x.x)

    2.) Why i can use this Tab with dark screen for any hours and it do not invoke a shutdown? Why show this Tab so long time always 1% allthroug it is working wery well (except this darkness) ??? For me was better the way like on Gal.Tab 2 - simply working to the last possibly moment and then turning down.

    02-19-2016 11:27 AM
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    Hi Feri,

    The setting auto adjust the screen to that brightness for battery conservation. In terms of why it lasts for hours without shutdown, well, the screen uses a lot of battery when set high. But when really low, can last a while. However, I don't think it should stay at 1% for hours if you are using it, so please clarify if it's actively being used or if the screen turns off and is not in use during this time.
    02-19-2016 12:23 PM
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    Battery 1-2  any hours with brightness turned down to extremely dark, but no shutdown! What should I do?-screenshot_2016-02-21-03-03-21.png
    Battery 1-2  any hours with brightness turned down to extremely dark, but no shutdown! What should I do?-screenshot_2016-02-21-03-03-54.png

    The tab is fully used, it streams a video and more ...
    I see, that after installing a <Battery Monitor Widget Pro> i have recorded long logfile. Entries are sampled every 2 minutes. And result? I present here 2 screenshots of the logfile:
    - first the point, on which the tablet begin show 1% accu charge. This was 17:51 MET.
    - the second is the point, on which the tablett does self shutdown. This is 20:56.

    In this whole time the tablet has played live videostream from my satellite receiver by full loudness! WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth and telephone card are always on. Streaming of the video was done over WiFi. On the pictures you can see, that under this circumstances 1% charge are displayed for 185 minutes. Over 3 hours by fully working tablet - only the brightness was turned down, but even for this reason i had activated streaming video and all the other components to increase current like by full brightness. 3 hours and still 1% ??? Wha of sh*t may be this?

    How can i linearize this extremely bad percentage curve of accu charge??? It is terrible - so i cannot controll the rest of my charge and plane the work on this tablet. The tablet beginns with current savings, althrough it has for more then 3 hours time to live?

    Thank you, best regards,

    PS: the 5h28min time is the charging time after voltage shut down. After charging till 100% i have powered up.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1 LTE
    Android 5.0.2 rooted
    Kernel 3.4.0-5001559
    Buildnr. LRX22G.T535XXU1BOE7
    Knox banned so far as i can
    02-20-2016 12:52 PM
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    OK, nobody can answer. The main question is:

    HOW CAN I DISABLE EXTREME LOW BRIGTNESS under 5 % of charge? It is not so important, that my tab show 5-1% charge during about 4 hours, important is until this time normally use tablet. (I can turn off any powersavings, but under 5% of charge i have near black screen - althrough the battery is real over 30% charged.)
    Can i do this in systhem files? How? Can i correct the charge versus percentage table or function? How?

    Thank you, i hope someone can answer this.
    02-23-2016 03:28 PM

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