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    I just started using a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8-inch. I added my Google account. In the contacts app, I see about 2,000 Not assigned contacts. The app sees the groups I've created (e.g. family, work, etc.) but all except one are empty. The only group that has stuff in it is is My Contacts (with the words Google system group underneath). It has 21 contacts, but none of the 21 have any phone numbers. And these 21 don't have my most frequently contacted contacts. What is wrong?

    Where is all the info I have for all of my contacts (all 2000 of them)?
    11-24-2014 02:46 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    So the groups you created are from your Google Contacts on the web? Or were they created on the device? Were any contacts transferred over using Kies, or only via Google?

    It may be worth wiping all of the Contact data on the device, then allowing it to sync again. Go to the App Manager, select Contacts or Contact Storage, and Clear Data. Then let the device sync again with Google. Or you could also try removing your Google account in Settings>Accounts​, then adding it back again.
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    11-24-2014 01:49 PM
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    Hi, BDiddy.
    I had to go to Settings/Account to manually sync Contacts. I guess I had to do that because, in Settings/Data_Usage, I disabled auto-sync of data, because I'm saving our mobile data.
    It's all good now.
    Thank you, BDiddy.
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    11-24-2014 07:57 PM

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