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    Introducing Victorious ROM!
    A deodexed and optimized version of the stock 4.1.2 update
    for the Galaxy Victory Virgin Mobile (rooted only).

    Note - This is NOT FOR SPRINT!!!

    note- benchmark achieved with RedSpot Uncapped Kernel by JupiterOne

    WARNING!!! Installing custom ROMs on your phone could brick it, rendering it non-functional, and voiding your warranty!
    I take no responsibility for what you do to your phone!
    You have been WARNED!!!

    What's different about Victorious ROM compared to stock?
    1. Deodexed (slower first boot, but faster from then on)
    2. Removed most bloatware (Samsung, Sprint, and Google apps, live wallpapers, etc)
    3. Tweaks to the build.prop (taken from around the internet)
    4. Disabled bootanimations (faster boot time)

    What's planned in the future?
    1. Adding built in support for moving apps to sdcard
    2. Adding support for init.d scripts
    3. Adding support for custom bootanimations
    4. Adding option to move dalvik-cache to data partition
    5. Add theme options (battery mods etc)
    6. More...

    How to install Victorious ROM?
    2. First, you must be rooted (see here) and have ClockworkMod recovery installed (TWRP has been used successfully by others, but I haven't tested it)
    3. I highly recommend backing up your apps with Titanium Backup!
    4. Download Victorious-0.1.1.zip here, and place on your sdcard
    5. Boot into recovery by turning off your phone, then holding Volume-Up and Power at the same time till it starts booting
    6. I highly recommend you do a backup now, seriously!!!
    7. Wipe cache, then under advanced wipe dalvik-cache
    8. Install zip from sdcard (you may have to choose external sdcard)
    9. Back at the main menu, Reboot System
    10. It takes a long time to boot the first time after flashing, be patient!
    11. Optional - Install JupiterOne's RedSpot Uncapped Kernel, it's awesome!
    12. Enjoy your slimmed down and optimized Victory!

    Download files and links:
    1. Victorious-0.1.1.zip MD5 - 5ab8463c3b969721d0d15792211d500f
    2. ClockworkMod (thanks g60madman, and of course Koush!)
    3. Rooting for newbies (thanks TheBritton!)
    4. RedSpot Uncapped Kernel (thanks JupiterOne!)
    5. Dsixda's Android Kitchen (thanks, made deodexing and zipalign a breeze!)

    Huge thanks to g60madman, JupiterOne, TheBritton, Koush, and a whole lot more!
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    06-30-2013 12:33 AM
  2. JerryScript's Avatar
    Bug List:

    Version 0.1.1

    1. The updater-script does not remove bloatware installed in the data partition
    2. Alarm functionality removed in my zest to remove all extra clocks, I can post the apk if needed
    3. Possible MMS bug, needs testing and feedback
    4. Possible issue with video sharing menu (not present in Root Explorer's "Open With" menu)
    06-30-2013 12:34 AM
  3. llamadon's Avatar
    I just ordered a Victory this week so I should be able to play with this this weekend. Just like my Optimus V, running a JerryScript ROM.

    Ok I've been running since Friday with absolutely no real problems. The only thing I noticed is System Update in settings does not work.

    Also, not a problem but a request that may be more than what should be done with this ROM. I would like to be able to change the toggles on the status bar like Leedroid on my Evo.
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    07-04-2013 10:10 PM
  4. Gary Brodkorb's Avatar
    failed? setting permissions set_perm: some changes failed E:Error in/victorious-0.1.1.zip (status 7) installation aborted. Please help
    wmyers4u likes this.
    10-20-2013 11:37 PM

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