1. Yisroel Tech's Avatar
    I have sprint galaxy victor, never activated, just using it over WiFi.
    Now that android get out a new os update I wanna know if there is anyway to get the update on my inactivated phone?
    11-04-2013 07:19 AM
  2. kwknott's Avatar
    Either Sprint will need to release an official 4.4 rom or someone will need to build a custom 4.4 rom. Attempts for a custom 4.3 rom for the Victory have been stalled do to issues with kernel and hardware that have yet to be fixed. I feel 4.4 would have the same fate.

    So i guess I'd have to say as of right now, neither option looks promising.

    Moonknightus over at Android Forums has a very nice rom he based off stock that he has themed to look like stock Android and even has Google Home which is KitKat's launcher. He is currently looking at porting it to Sprint as it is for the Virgin Mobile victory. It runs very nice and is probably as close as we'll get to an AOSP version of Android until someone things are figured out.

    Here's a link if you want to follow progress...


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    11-04-2013 07:32 AM

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