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    Hey guys,
    I'm buying one of these off ebay for my Sprint service, to replace an old phone that has started having issues (3+ years old Marquee, stuck running gingerbread!). I'm not in a contract plan, so I just wanted something with LTE that wouldn't break my wallet and doesn't have a monster sized screen to burn a hole in my pockets.
    The Victory seems like a decent option that hits all those points (and a lot easier to find than a used Optimus F3, my other choice).

    I just have a few questions for you guys that use this device:

    1) How's the battery life? The rated talk time is lower than any of the other devices I've been looking at. Obviously I'm not going to get close to the 16 hours of talk time from the F3's 2,450mah battery, but since the Victory has a 2,100mah one of its own, should it really be so far off? Wondering if they just rate it lower to make it sound like a lower tier device- like they did with the CPU governor (I've read that the Victory actually has the same 1.5ghz chipset as the S3, but they introduced a software-controlled governor to keep it down to 1.2ghz).

    2) Speaking of CPU governor, I read some stuff mentioning that you can remove it with a patch, giving you the same 1.5ghz power of the S3's chipset. How does that work? A simple Kernel update removes the governer and makes the CPU full speed? Or something like that? I'm not talking about overclocking, just using the CPU for the speed it was originally intended to run- and would this have a noticeable effect on battery?

    3) Roms. A good CM rom would have sold me on the device right away, but they all seem to be WIP's with critical functions missing (camera, wifi, etc). Are there any Sprint roms that are stable? I see a lot of stuff happening on the Virgin Mobile side of things (where this was a more popular device it seems), but not much on the Sprint side. The ROMs are not compatible with each other, right? Sprintorious sounds interesting, but it is called an alpha and hasn't been touched in months. Is the stock rom good enough to use with a bit of rooting?

    4) Whats the story regarding the memory complaints? My current device (LG Marquee) has only 4GB storage. I forget how much is available to the user (perhaps more than this phone because Gingerbread uses less storage?), but I've never really run out of memory for installing apps. Just trying to get a handle on this situation.

    Thanks guys!
    02-20-2014 04:54 PM

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