1. notacoach's Avatar
    I just used the Find my Phone on my Active 2 and there was a message I skimmed about it not working after March 15th. I automatically swiped the notification away before I read it properly (duh), and now can't find mention of what's happening anywhere despite googling around.

    Does anybody know what's changing? Thanks!
    02-11-2021 08:18 AM
  2. solotristan88's Avatar
    I just saw this too. It just says you won't be able to locate it on a map.. which to me is a huge deal. Apple watches can detect their location.. I have zero idea why they will disable this feature. Seems ludicrous!
    notacoach likes this.
    02-12-2021 12:59 PM
  3. notacoach's Avatar
    Thanks! I wonder why?
    02-13-2021 06:26 AM
  4. bulls96's Avatar
    I am sorely missing this feature.

    Anyone know of a work around?
    06-12-2021 11:38 PM

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