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    I am looking for a watch face for my Galaxy Watch (42mm Rose Gold version) that allows me to set my own photos as the background and shows the time, date, and steps taken. I am currently using the MyPhoto+ watch face, and I love that it shows a different photo each time I look at my watch, but it only shows the time. I have the option to make the time appear in a large or small font, but no option to include the date or steps taken (or any other information) on the face. I'd like to be able to customize my watch face with the time, date, steps, etc. shown over my own photos. I know there are programs and apps that allow you to design your own watch face, but I am not tech-savvy enough to do that. Does anyone know of a watch face that will allow for my own photos to be shown with the time, date, and steps, or know a way to customize the MyPhoto+ watch face with other information? Please help!
    03-21-2019 01:06 PM
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    If you open the Galaxy Wearable app and go into the Galaxy Store, you can search for watch faces using keywords. A quick search using "Photo" as keyword showes a few watchfaces that should suit your needs, e.g. "GJL Photo", "Sports all in one".
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    03-22-2019 03:57 AM

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