1. encino34's Avatar
    I'm having issues with android auto and my galaxy watch. When I get into my car I want to use the Bluetooth in my car but if Bluetooth is enabled on my watch, it defaults to my watch or my phone. Is there another option? It's really annoying. Thx
    03-22-2019 10:49 PM
  2. joe_fresh's Avatar
    Not sure if your car has the USB port for Android Auto? I plug mine in.
    03-23-2019 08:13 AM
  3. scassel's Avatar
    Just googled this a couple days ago. Wireless Android Auto is a thing now but there are very few head units that have the capability.
    03-23-2019 08:42 AM
  4. encino34's Avatar
    Mine is plug in. I think i fixed it by going into AA options on my phone and go to quick connect and only select my phone that connects to the car.
    03-23-2019 03:31 PM
  5. nofaithineli's Avatar
    I plug mine in as well and everything works in perfect harmony. Aside from just the USB tether, phone is also connected to both car HU and watch via bluetooth. Calls are routed through AA unless I were to answer from the watch. Messages are received by both watch and AA simultaneously. If you have any further difficulties I could share my settings on both phone and watch.
    03-23-2019 06:39 PM
  6. JohnyBoyLightning's Avatar
    I got the same problem than you with Galaxy Watch and Android Auto. By default, Samsung Galaxy Watch link itself to Android auto, So before going into my car and using Android auto with bluetooth, I need to disconnect my watch from my phone. Really a big mess from Android, no other way to do this. I've ordered a Huawei watch and hoping that it doesn't do the same thing with my pixel 6 pro phone on Android 13
    11-07-2022 08:09 PM
  7. spARTacus's Avatar
    Hmmm. I haven't noticed this yet, and thus far things seem to still be working fine in the car with the watch and the phone and Wireless Android Auto. For example, while driving I've used the sync feature of the watch/phone do not disturb, to (from the watch) easily turn off the phone do not disturb (so I can then actually hear what the Assistant voice prompts are at the Android Auto Head Unit) when trying to search for a map destination but when forgetting beforehand while getting into the car to turn off do not disturb on the phone (which is now cradled out of the way).

    Did you previously ever manually pair the watch Bluetooth to the Android Auto Head Unit / car? I have not ever done that so the watch and head unit don't actually have awareness of each other, and the phone seems to be able to maintain Bluetooth connection to both the watch and the Head Unit.
    11-08-2022 08:29 AM

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