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    It's about a week my galaxy watch started to over counting the floors made, one day was about 10 and the day after about 170 and it goes like this until yesterday, when the counting was about 40. This change occours after the update of the wearable app to the like one ui appearance, i also tried to clean the sensor and wash the watch but it still count the floors wrongly. Someone else has this problem? In your opinion it's a software or hardware problem?
    04-09-2019 05:01 AM
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    I had the exact same problem, and it has been mostly solved, although I don't completely understand why.

    How floors are counted
    The main cause for over counting floor is - in my view - the algorithm that is used to calculate the change in altitude that triggers a floor count. To calculate height the air pressure is measured. A database is consulted in which the air pressure at sea level for your location is stored.
    From the difference between air pressure measured by the watch and that sea level air pressure the altitude at your location is calculated. If that altitude changes in a short time, it will be considered a floor count (note: only Samsung knows the exact formula and how the calculation distinguishes between a change in height due to actually climbing a stair or e.g. using the elevator).
    A decreasing air pressure is seen as you moving up, an increasing air pressure is seen as you going down.

    The problem is variation in measured air pressure
    The problem in this algorithm is that a slight change in air pressure (say 0,2is enough to give you a 3m height difference. I can name a few:
    - Air ventilation / climate control: moving air gives a lower measured air pressure than not moving air. Some climate controls deliberately change the air pressure. This means moving aroung in a building with climate control or walking in and out a ventilated room can a result in false floor count.
    - I noticed getting false floor counts when I wear a winter jacket with sleeves that are tight arount the wrists. If my watch is locked in the sleeve the temperature will increase depending on your activity. That will change the air pressure in your sleeve. Taking the jacket off will give you another change in measures air pressure. Your watch will think you went down and up.
    - Quickly changing weather. The air pressure will change with the weather, which will introduce a variation in the calculated altitude. If the mentioned database is not updated frequently enough, or not consulted frequently enough, your watch will be even more off in calculating the height. This kind of variation will give you false floor counts as well.
    - The sensor is not clean. When my problems started with my watch heavily overcounting floors I cleaned it, which gave me a sudden jump in measured air pressure. So I am pretty sure keeping the sensor clean is key. Sweat will leave salt, evaporating water will leave scale. Cleaning it once was not enough in my case. I started cleaning the back of my watch daily with a moistered towel, and after a month or so my watch started counting floors normally again from one day to another. So I think only a small contamination of your sensor (that sunk in white dot at 12 o'clock at the back) is enough to throw it off.
    - A floor count is derived from a change in calculated altitude, so you'd expect that the altitude value itself before the change is not relevant. However, the relation between air pressure and calculated altitude is not linear. so the more the calculated altitude differs from what it actually is, a change in air pressure will be more miscalculated into a change in altitude.

    Your watch starting to overcount floor is not due to a firmware change. I have gone back to an old firmware that was installed when my watch counted floors properly. This had no effect.
    As far as I can see the version of the alti - barometer app has no influence either. I've tried several by resetting the watch with several firmwares and not updating the app at first. Updating the app had no effect.
    I do hope that future versions of the app/firmware will have a better algorithm to distinguish true floor counts from false ones, e.g. by including you making actual steps or not when the air pressure changes.

    What can you do about it.
    Not much, and that makes it simple:
    - Keep the sensor clean. Wipe the back of your watch on a daily basis with a moistered towel. I prefer a towel over a cloth because I expect a towel will clean sunk in sensor better. Don't expect immediate results, but once your watch is behaving like its old self again, keeping the sensor clean will keep the floor counting healthy.
    - Make sure the mentioned database is consulted frequently. The highest frequency is once per hour. This is a setting in the weather app on your phone. Open settings in the app and change the update frequency to an hour if it isn't.
    - Calibrate the altitude manually every now and then. You can do that in the air-pressure altitude widget. Set it to automatic update after the manual calibration.
    - Check the air pressure measured using the same widget, and compare it to the air pressure measured by your Phone. It should be about the same. If not, the sensor needs cleaning.
    - As long as the measured air pressure goes up with improving weather and down with worsening weather, and if the value is stable when you're outside and your watch is not smothered by your sleeve, your sensor is fine.

    I still get false floor counts since I work in an office building with central climate control. But instead of having floor counts running up to say 200 a day, it's much better, and accurate enough for me.

    Hope this helps.
    04-16-2019 04:32 AM
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    I spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with Samsung yesterday. They had me reset the phone, check for updates, etc.

    Basically it comes down to the fact it wont count floors in a normal home with 8' ceilings. Requires 10' floor to floor to work. If I go someplace commercial it counts fine. Actually, it works going to my basement because I have 9' walls down there and with the floor above it makes 10' and seems to work.
    05-03-2019 07:46 AM

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