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    I am looking to buy a samsung galaxy watch, but I'm looking to find out is there a radio app available?

    I've seen someone saying you can control your tune in radio via the watch. However, I wanted to know will tune in (or something similar) be available on the watch that I don't need my phone. I can just go for a run without my phone.

    It would be radios stations using data as well (other countries), so not just a transmission.

    04-29-2019 02:41 PM
  2. Peter621022's Avatar
    I can see several radio apps available in the Galaxy app store.
    I don't use any, so I can't judge on functionality, but it seems that you're good to go.
    To be able to listen to radio whithout your Phone, you'll need the LTE version of the watch.
    Please realise that you'll be constantly streaming over LTE while listening which will drain you battery quickly.
    04-30-2019 03:00 AM

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