1. Android Central Question's Avatar
    I just got my galaxy watch and have noticed how inaccurate the step counting seems to be. Does anyone else notice that sometimes when you take a bunch of simple steps or even march in place that the overall step number doesn't increase at all?

    It makes no sense and makes me believe that this watch is totally unreliable as far as the step count goes.

    Any opinions on this???

    05-03-2019 06:43 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Any step counter not on your foot/shoe is not going to be accurate. They count based on device motion, not actual steps. Even a traditional pedometer can be tricked if simply bounce your foot. For a truly accurate reading, it should be started and stopped when you take a walk.
    05-03-2019 08:57 AM
  3. Peter621022's Avatar
    The step count should be fairly accurate provided you're swingin your arms naturally while walking.
    If not, please make sure the firmware is up to date. Resetting your watch should help as well.
    05-03-2019 11:06 AM

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