06-10-2018 05:21 PM
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    I had an LG Envy 2, a foldable phone. It was nice to have 2 options when using. Mostly got it for the keyboard, but it had some nice app- type functions. I even watched a few tv shows on the inside tiny screen. I'd be interested to see what Samsung comes up with.
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    06-02-2018 01:51 PM
  2. LCW's Avatar
    if the new samsung x is like i imagin it to be foldable and 7 inch and 8k resolution then its a winner
    Some mentions of the galaxy x in this YouTube video...

    06-10-2018 04:39 PM
  3. recDNA's Avatar
    Not so great on VZW with max resolution 720p
    06-10-2018 05:21 PM
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