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    Hi all,

    Just wondering after a lot or reading i still didnt find any answers. hope 1 of you could help out?

    Living in Turkey we will get the Zflip 3 this week( little bit late as my home country the netherland have the phone already)

    anyhow we have the 30 days trail and bring in your own phone for some discount on the z flip 3.

    i was in the samsung store checked my phone and the give me a fair pricing for it. so what will happen..

    if i get 300 euro for my old phone so i still need to pay 900 euro for the z flip 3 ( phones are expensive here)

    i dont like the phone it doesnt work out and i return it....

    so do i get a refund complete for my 1200 euro what the phone is worth if i didnt deliver my old phone in... or they only give me my 900 euro back and i lost the amount from my return older phone.

    because that would cost me then 300 euro...

    i hope i make sense but i ask the store and the tell me oooo no issues when that days come we will sort something out...and in the paper work by samsung europe i can not find information about this.

    thanks for any insight.

    09-20-2021 01:25 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    From Samsung's FAQ page;
    • What happens if I send my trade-in and return the new device?

    We’re sure you’ll love your new Galaxy Smartphone or tablet, but our standard Return Policy applies — just in case. If you received a free promotional gift with your new phone, you must return the gift as well as the phone to receive credit for your return and a full refund.

    In the case of purchases made at a Samsung Galaxy Studio, you must return the Galaxy device purchased as part of this Trade-In Program within 30 days to the store from where it was purchased. Please review the terms of our Return Policy.

    Please note that if you return your New Samsung Device after you send your old device, you will not receive any refund or other value for the Trade-In Device credit deducted from the purchase price of your New Samsung Device.

    It sounds like you should wait to send in your trade-in until you're sure that it is the device you want, if I'm reading that last line correctly. You have 30 days to postmark the return so I would use it all before deciding to keep or return the new device.
    09-20-2021 07:07 PM
  3. judith 2's Avatar
    THanks so much hmhmh here we need to give the older phone up when we pick up the new phone .sooo that not a good thing to do at all.... because if read it correct i will lose the amount what that phone was worth...
    will go to the store here and ask again because thats a strange policy and samsung is samsung if its in the usa europe or anywhere els....

    because if this phone doest work out i would like to look for the s21FE i still have a older phone home to use in the mean time but still....

    thanks will look further in it.
    09-21-2021 03:16 AM
  4. VidJunky's Avatar
    I don't disagree at all. Actually after seeing your question I was a bit curious myself and then I was floored to see that they were just like, sorry it didn't work out, thanks for the device. I really didn't imagine they would return it but I did think the outcome would be a little more equitable for the customer especially when we're talking hundreds of dollars.

    In the meantime, are you certain that they want the phone that day on the spot? It might be worth it to ask if you can mail it in. I mean in an online purchase they give you 15 or 30 days and if the device fails to arrive they just charge you full price. Seems like you should get a window from anyone offering a trade-in if that is their policy.

    Sorry I didn't link the source. I just realized I hadn't as I was reading your response. I just searched, Samsung trade in policy, and one of the first few listings was to an FAQ page, which just opens to the main page where I had to search again.

    Best wishes.
    09-21-2021 05:38 AM
  5. judith 2's Avatar
    thanks again to wrote me back... so i spoke with samsung turkey and when i would order it online i need to send the old phone in 3 working days after receiving the new phone. when i told them so what if i want to use the 30days return policy? what will happen then. you dont get your old phone back but you also dont get the money back. so in this case i would lost 300 euro and i wouldnt have a phone as backup to look for a other option.

    the other option is buy it in the netherlands then i would have 2 weeks to return my old phone.. but garanty will be a issue when iam back in turkey..

    no issues its already nice that you think with me...

    iam just not 100% sure this phone will work for me but i really want to give it a try. the phone is here 1250 euro and thats the 128 gb we dont get the 256 gb here

    i wish i know when the s21FE will come out if i can not work with this phone that i can direct change it..

    decisions decisions i will make a decisions tomorrow when i go back to the store

    thanks again and have a great day
    09-21-2021 01:41 PM

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