1. hotphil's Avatar
    Anyone having issues with Wi-Fi dropping all the time after latest update? When I say "all the time" I mean like every couple of minutes.
    All network settings reset.
    MAC set static.
    It's the only one of maybe 30 Wi-Fi devices in house with the issue.
    Wi-Fi AP rebooted.
    Phone rebooted.
    Phone is maybe 1 metre from the access point most of day.
    Nothing seems to keep it stable.
    The phone's unusable and I've only got a couple of weeks to return it if this doesn't get fixed.
    05-24-2022 08:47 PM
  2. J Dubbs's Avatar
    Sometimes after a major update problems can come up that only a factory reset can fix. You might try clearing the cache partition first, then the factory reset. Or you could just send it back now since you've tried the other options. I would factory reset it without restoring anything just to see if that fixed it... if so finish setting it up... if not ship it back for a replacement or refund
    05-25-2022 05:23 AM
  3. sulla1965's Avatar
    I haven't had any wifi issues. Maybe check your connection, setting etc. Maybe contact Samsung tech support. If they can't help maybe request repair or a replacement.
    05-25-2022 11:28 PM

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