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    Hi there,

    FINALLY! Found a place to talk to people about my new little piece of kit.

    I was actually regretting buying this until today for the following reasons:

    1. Couldn't find any apps to install (not much useful anyway!)
    2. The sleep functionality was missing.
    3. Due to a Kitkat bug, location services destroys my Note 3 battery and I need this to track my cycling (most frequent activity).
    4. No way of tracking static workouts - 1hr low weight/high reps pump class, or spin class for example.
    5. S Health won't pair with it.

    Now, I'm in Vietnam living as an expat, and noone I know has one of these so I really just need someone to talk at about these problems. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their experiences. Going back to the points above:

    1. I've included a list of ALL the apps available to me at the bottom of this post (so as not to get in the way), can you tell me if you get any more than just these when you launch Samsung Applications in Gear Manager?
    2. Got an update today. Sleep is now there. This made me happy. I was really angry at this being omitted as it was implied as out-of-the-box funcitonality.
    3. 4.4.3 update is imminent for Nexus 5, and there are enough pissed of S4 and Note 3 users that it shouldn't be too far away for us.
    4. An app called Focus TRAINR looks to take care of this. Do any of you have this app yet?
    5. This is annoying. Gonna try and push the new S5 apk file later on and see if this works. I initially planned to use Myfitnesspal's better food database to look up food and whack that through S Health, which has collated all of my exercise data. Now it's the other way round and I wonder why I bought a Samsung $200 watch when I could have got a cheaper stand alone tracker and put the measurements in myself.

    So yeah, if anyone wants to join me in a rant, feel free. Or if you want to offer some insight that will put my mind at ease, please do!

    Here's that app list:
    Feedly, Count Addict, Bug Buster, Tick Flick Boom, Appy Geek for Gear, Life 360, Glympse, iwunta, Flick Dat, Highlight, 6 US college fascias, Dacadoo, Calculator*, 4 extra generic fascias.

    * The only one I want and its paid.
    04-15-2014 03:57 AM

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