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    I don't know how many of you actually have both the Galaxy Gear AND the Gear 2 smart watches, but I am going nuts trying to figure out a way to reconnect the Gear 1 in the Gear Manager after using the Gear 2! Connecting the new watch (in Tizen) is no problem, however when trying to reconnect the first Gear watch (in Android) it simply "times out" in Gear Manager EVERY SINGLE TIME for the last 3 days!!!!!

    I have of course contacted Samsung about this problem numerous times, and they seem to still be unaware of the problem and have absolutely NO suggestions for resolving it (other than things like doing a Factory Data Reset, which I have already done on both my Note 3 AND both Gear watches twice)! Once the reset was complete, I was able to get Gear Manager to connect to the Gear 1, but as soon as I connected the Gear 2 and then later tried to go back, it has been impossible to get the Gear Manager to connect back to the Gear 1 without timing out. I have tried clearing the cache and data for the GM app and it's plugins, as well as unpairing the Gear 1 and repairing it back to my Note 3, but that did nothing.

    None of the techs at Samsung Tech Support have every even tried to connect one watch after the other, in fact, I have been put on hold for over 30 minutes sometimes with them while they try to find 2 watches so they can try to go from one to the other. You would have thought that this would surely have been on the list of tests for Samsung BEFORE releasing these devices, but I guess not...no one at Samsung ever thought to go from one Gear watch to the other and back again. I guess basically Sammy must have thought that no one would possibly ever buy BOTH watches huh?

    Therefore, for those of you that have both, how have you been connecting your Gear 1 after using your Gear 2? Going from Android to Tizen is very smooth, but going from Tizen back to Android seems impossible with the Gear Manager!!!!! Any tips/tricks would be very much appreciated since Samsung has no clue! Thanks.
    04-28-2014 03:34 PM
  2. Batman8888's Avatar
    O.K., I think I finally figured out a work-around for this problem...will report back later with info so to help others who may eventually have this same issue.
    04-28-2014 08:21 PM

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