1. bendernyc's Avatar
    I put in a call to samsung last week. The rep told me fleksy is far off and we won't see it for a while if ever. Being that it has been nearly 3 weeks since the release I'm inclined to agree since it was not available at launch and press announcements saying it would be out at launch feb 28th, including fleksy's site. Looks like this is a dud.

    Fleksy has also been forthcoming on other product releases but they are so vague on this one so...there you have it. Guess they were over zealous in bringing a keyboard to the screen.
    04-29-2014 11:14 PM
  2. gglez's Avatar
    aww man I was really looking forward to that
    04-29-2014 11:18 PM
  3. anon154738's Avatar
    I hope this isn't true. Not sure I would've bought this watch if I knew that was a possibility.

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-01-2014 10:25 PM
  4. fleksy's Avatar
    Hey - we've noticed this thread and wanted to confirm we are working hard to bring Fleksy Message to the Gear as fast as possible.

    We don't regularly monitor internet forums, but please follow us on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/fleksy


    05-02-2014 01:46 AM

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