1. 1812dave's Avatar
    if you see it in the Samsung store (in the US), please inform us.

    05-11-2014 09:54 PM
  2. fkpalm's Avatar
    It was in the app store on Friday but was pulled. It was for walking and the community gave it one star because it was not set for as a driving app

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    05-12-2014 12:22 AM
  3. U4icLab's Avatar
    I snagged it during the brief period that it was available. It's slightly blah compared to the new Google Maps. A polished app for the watch that mirrors key elements from Google Maps would rock. Wishful thinking?

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    05-12-2014 12:34 AM
  4. 1812dave's Avatar
    05-12-2014 01:38 AM

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