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    This may seem odd, but I'm looking for a case for my Gear 2 Neo. Something like an otterbox or similar. I have a rough, dirty job, and i don't want to damage my watch while i'm working, and i want to be able to wear it.

    Does anybody have any insight to anything coming out in the future? I've done lots of searching but i can't seem to find anything.

    05-14-2014 02:35 PM
  2. itinj6's Avatar
    Not sure a case will ever be released for a wearable but you can try a full body skin. I use the Skinomi and I would say it covers 95+ % of the exposed metal, glass and plastic and it's pretty durable. It even covers the underside of the watch. Only thing to worry about is the band but you can just use a cheap beat around band for work.

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    05-14-2014 02:54 PM
  3. godzillinois's Avatar
    I just bought a Gear 2 Neo today and am looking for the same thing. There's an aftermarket case for the new Apple watch and a generic case for smaller watches like the Pebble. Has anyone released one for the Gears yet?

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    07-10-2015 10:18 PM

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