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    Samsung to Unveil Gear 3 along with Note 4
    We dont know if this good or bad for Samsung wearables especially for Gear 2 fans but I guess Samsung just want to introduce a variety of smartwatch this year, a report from Koreaherald suggest that Samsung is planning to release another versions of Gear smartwatch, remember that Samsung did not even take a year for them to release a new version of smartwatch, the Gear 2 was released in the market just six months after the Galaxy Gear, and now Samsung will roll out its next generation of smartwatch later this year possibly after three months.

    Gear 2 smartwatch Gear Solo Samsung to Unveil Gear 3 along with Note 4

    FYI: Samsung to Unveil Gear 3 along with Note 4-gear-2-smartwatch-gear-solo.jpg

    A Samsung Gear 2 the 2nd generation smartwatch by Samsung
    According to the report the Samsung Gear 3 (not confirmed) will be unveil along with Galaxy Note 4, it will be sold in a bundle package, these devices is expected to be unveiled during the IFA 2014 electronics trade show in September, no report on whether the next generation of Samsung Gear smartwatches will be different from Gear 2 especially to its design or if the device will going to be powered by Tizen or not.

    Samsung also plans to unveil the SIM enabled smartwatch (possible Gear Solo) this coming July but in a limited number only as Samsung make it clear that they want to test the market first if the Gear Solo will have a good demand or not. Anyways its three months from now and we will see if the report has a weight or not, right now all eyes is in the Samsung Z the first Tizen powered smartphone, and of course the new features and improvement of Tizen, that will be presented in the Tizen Developers Conference in San Francisco.

    The Korea Herald
    06-03-2014 01:19 AM
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    Only just got the gear 2
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    06-03-2014 02:23 AM

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