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    There are a lot of posts here complaining about the beta, but...it's a beta. It's still in development. I was very vocal when the gear first came out without fleksy especially when they announced it with launch nearly 2 months before the release date. But it's here and I'm happy. here are some tips to make replying to sms easier.

    1. Use the shortcut clock and put fleksy as one of the apps. One thing I love about the gear 2 is how easy it is to customize the interface by simply dragging and dropping from the watch.

    2. If you have a group of lets say 5 or 10 people you text very frequently, simply put a "." in front of the contact name. When your watch syncs up, those contacts will be at the top eliminating the need to scroll through dozens (or in my case) hundreds of contacts) When you get notified of a txt, simply press the home button, click on fleksy on your shortcut watch face, select contacts at the top of the list and your all set. It's really very easy. I've attached the image to show you my setup. If anyone has any questions post away, I will be doing a video on youtube shortly.

    Thank you for Fleksy for finally getting this out there. This app brings us a huge step closer to the smartwatch we all wanted!

    Gear 2 and Fleksy - My trick for making replying to texts easier.-geartricks.jpg
    06-18-2014 10:46 PM
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    Did the same thing by putting the letter A in front of my favorite contacts and now they come on top works fine.

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    06-19-2014 12:01 AM

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