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    I was asked to start a new topic.

    Let me explain what I do on my watch with is handled by Tasker.
    It's kind a personal preference. I set my phone into 3 modes: Home, Work and outdoor.
    I start a break timer for my work breaks.
    A silent Mode, several times for like the washing machine done Timer. I get the weather as an notification from Tasker using in Tasker a httpget action.
    From Tasker there a messages pushed to my watch with AutoNotification.

    How did I created the intergration:
    I use the gear 2 app app launcher.
    From Tasker I created single Tasks which writes a command to a file. These tasks are exported to single apps which I can launch from app launcher.
    In Tasker I created a profile of the file modified event. From there I read the command and execute it.

    For sending to the watch I just create a AutoNotification message and cancel it immediately.

    So for the weather command I got the info from the Internet. Parse the result into a small readable test with the current and the forecast weather.
    This is send back to the watch.
    In the morning this is automatically generated when I first unlock the screen.

    With Tasker the possibilities are almost endless.

    Please leave comments and suggestions.
    07-26-2014 02:37 AM
  2. pc4ever1's Avatar
    That sounds really cool. Could you kindly provide more details as to setting this up?
    Could you export out the Tasker tasks etc so I can take a look at the setup.

    08-01-2015 01:11 PM

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