1. prubin's Avatar
    Is there any way to tell which apps have updated without opening each app? Would like to know if apps have changed so I might try them o if installed apps have changes so I can use the new features.
    09-11-2014 11:02 PM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Most updates are bug fixes/patches so it'll be hard to tell without looking at the change log in the Play Store. Other than that, you get a notification when each app has been updated and that doesn't go away until you clear it manually
    09-11-2014 11:05 PM
  3. jaltman's Avatar
    Go to the App Store, upper left hand corner has 3 horizontal bars, touch that, go to purchased. All pending updates appear in a list. In Google Play its "My Apps" in both Samsung stores "Galaxy Apps" and inside Gear Manager Gear Apps, its "Purchased".
    09-12-2014 05:24 AM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    The best thing could be to update manually instead of auto. Go to settings in Play store and select "don't auto update". You can click the box to get a notification every time an update is available.
    09-12-2014 05:40 AM
  5. prubin's Avatar
    In Google play the list is there but it is always empty. I find the list in the Samsung store but cannot find Galaxy apps or Gear Manager.
    09-12-2014 06:15 AM

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