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    After trying for several days, I'm throwing in the towel and asking for help. I bought a Galaxy Gear 2 Neo two weeks ago. Truly love the watch and use it alot for working out and being notified on things in my phone. However, I am receiving Facebook notices in triplicate since day one of buying the watch.

    I have gone into the Facebook app on my Galaxy S5 and turned off all notifications and uninstalled Facebook messenger to see what would happen on my Facebook notices. NOW I GET 4 BLOODY MESSAGES!!!! WTF? The notifications are all date/time stamped the same, same message, just 4 of them now.

    None of my other apps does this. I have checked the notification bar when Facebook message comes in, and there is only 1 message notification, but for some reason my Gear 2 Neo dings and tells me I have 4 Facebook notifications.

    So frustrated, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    10-19-2014 12:37 PM
  2. warkittens26's Avatar

    Turned off all notification in both the Facebook App and Account settings. Turned off all notification on the web browser version of Facebook.

    Cleared all data on the Facebook app. Force stopped the Facebook app. Uninstalled the Facebook App.

    Rebooted phone. After reboot, Downloaded Facebook app from Google Playstore. Went to Facebook app settings and turned on all notifications for Mobile push. Kept all notification turned off on the web browser Facebook version.

    And the result? I got a single Facebook notification for all of 2 minutes on my Gear 2 Neo. Then I started getting 2 identical facebook messages again. FML

    Phone details:
    Samsung Galaxy S5 (Samsung-SM-G900A)
    Kitkat 4.4.2
    Build number: KOT 49H.G900AUC2ANG3
    Root?: Phone has been rooted.

    Gear 2 NEO:
    Model Number: SM-R381
    Software Version: RX381XXU0BNE5
    10-20-2014 11:45 AM

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