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  1. natemx's Avatar
    I've had my gear 2 neo since day one of release, haven't worn it in several months now i'm sporting it again.. Anyway the other day I noticed the right top corner of the glass, not the LCD had a bluish silver color under the glass itself. if I push on the glass it spreads a little . its almost like some liquid got under there or something or the digitizer is coming unglued at that corner, starting to spread down to bottom right corner.. Any suggestions? Ive never exposed this thing to water or anything hardly even the occasional rain. all help would be great.. I'm currently out of country working till Christmas so I cant start any warranty process at the moment ..

    first pic is yesterday and the second pic is today
    Attached Thumbnails gear 2 neo glass issue-pic1.jpg   gear 2 neo glass issue-pic2.jpg  
    12-09-2014 11:28 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    This might sound dumb, but is there a plastic cover or a screen protector on it? If not, I don't think you can (or should) fix it, it's definitely the glass coming off and you should just get it replaced...
    12-09-2014 11:44 AM
  3. natemx's Avatar
    nope no screen protector, I do have one but have yet to install it and not going to now cause of this.. Will Samsung cover this under the 1 year warranty ?or will I have to foot the bill? If I have to pay I will just get the gear s instead but this sucks, I'm guessing if I had to pay it would cost near what the watch does .. in total I've only worn this maybe 3 or 4 weeks total since I purchased it last march
    12-09-2014 12:12 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    It should still be under warranty. The whole warranty replacement and waiting process is the bummer.
    12-09-2014 12:31 PM
  5. natemx's Avatar
    I was afraid the process was not so fun! Thanks for all the input though I will go ahead and get it started
    12-09-2014 02:51 PM
  6. Mrwc440's Avatar
    Same problem. Samsung cs won't help because my Neo was made in Vietnam. What? Watch works but whatever is under the glass is spreading around the perimeter of the inside of the watch.
    01-02-2015 08:21 PM
  7. Quester1701's Avatar
    Mine is doing the exact same thing and this is the second time, I bought my Gear 2 Neo in May sent it for repairs in Aug. They replaced it as it now has a new SN and now it's doing it again exaclty the same way. gear 2 neo glass issue-2015-02-01.jpg. It has to be a design flaw or poor workmanship not sure but now going through the process again. I think if Samsung replaces it again I'll just sell the thing.
    02-02-2015 12:27 AM
  8. vette71's Avatar
    I'm having the same exact problem! Mine has now gone around the whole perimeter of the watch! I called this morning about sending it back in. Hopefully I'll get a new replacement that won't do the same thing AND now the watch itself has a chip under where the charging dock connects to the watch and it won't charge unless I tie something onto it to hold it in place. I'd hate to depart with it because of the text and phone features, but if I can ditch it, I probably will.
    03-03-2015 08:26 AM
  9. Charold's Avatar
    gear 2 neo glass issue-20151010_171621-1.jpg
    Mine is bad. On live chat with rep and they said The Turn Around Time (TAT) in detail is 2 business days to receive, 5 to 7 business days to repair and 2 business days to ship back to you. It's under warranty.
    You can contact our voice support at 1-888-987-4357, Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 2 AM (CST), Sat: 9 AM - 10 PM (CST).
    10-10-2015 04:38 PM
  10. DarrellWeddings's Avatar
    So I got my Gear 2 Neo last July 2015. The screen started to separate as shown in photos on this thread of posts, and mine looked exactly like the bad one shown with the red back ground. EXACTLY LIKE IT! And what happens after that is, the mother board gives out on you, and you see what they call "confetti" all over the screen. Long story short, screen separates, then the thing stops turning on. Then when you get it to turn on, it will only show spots all over the screen. I took it to get exchanged, and had to go to the manufacturer repair center to get it all taken care of. That's another hour or two waiting, just like at a doctors office. They bag your watch up, send it off, and then two weeks after you get a call saying it's ready for pickup.

    Once I received the watch, I was happy it was back to normal. However not even 2 months later, it started to separate again. Water is not the issue as I thought with the first watch. The second watch I had received, I had proven it is not water that causes the separation because I would even take the watch even to wash my hands!!! So, before it could totally give out on me, I took it back to the store for the THIRD time!!! Once again, for a third time, the long wait, and then they scan it in and throw it into a zip lock bag to be shipped off.

    I get an email later on that says that they don't even have the parts to fix it and it would be delayed! So now it makes sense why this watch is discontinued and no longer offered in stores. It has only been 11 months and I am on my third Gear 2 Neo. This has completely made me feel this is not worth the money spent on it, and I can only expect the same thing to happen within a little more time of screen separation. This watch is wonderful and all, but it's terrible to have to spend that much money on it, and know that after your one year warranty is up, you will not be able to get another replacement, and have no choice but to seek another smart watch. Thus it seems the life span of this Gear 2 Neo is only one year because after that, you can't replace it. And it's a smart watch, not a car, so an extended warranty just does not make sense. Why would I have to keep taking this thing back and over time end up paying twice for the watch?

    Not happy at all.
    06-02-2016 09:49 AM
  11. LeoRex's Avatar
    Smartwatches, in general, make me nervous for this very reason. The tech is still deep in its infancy phase, so all the OEMs are trying out all manners of designs, materials, manufacturing techniques... all with the aim of building a better device quicker and at a better manufacturing cost. So from my perspective, these are still pretty much prototypes that have been brought to market. So some work great but others, like this watch from the looks of it, have fatal flaws. And since things are in flux, the OEMs have zero incentive to go back and address the design changes and release an updated version of the device.... they've already moved on.
    06-02-2016 10:00 AM

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