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    I just picked up some Jaybird Bluebuds X headphones, and to test them out, I connected my Gear 2 to the computer by USB and sync'd over a bunch of my playlists with Windows Media Player. The music showed up fine, but my playlists do not appear on the Gear 2. What gives?

    For reference, I've plugged in my Note 3 and sync'd most of the same music and playlists to it the same way, and the playlists show up fine on that (although they did disappear once--but that's another issue). They're just not showing up on the Gear 2.
    12-16-2014 08:15 PM
  2. haus's Avatar
    I don't think the gear 2 supports playlists?

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    12-19-2014 04:24 PM
  3. SilverlightPony's Avatar
    I don't think the gear 2 supports playlists?
    There's a playlists section in the music player with only auto-playlists (favorites, most played, recently played, and recently added), and when I connect it to the computer and browse through it, there are .pls files matching my sync'd playlists in a /Playlists/ folder, but they don't show up in the music player app itself.
    12-19-2014 05:07 PM
  4. SilverlightPony's Avatar
    01-04-2015 02:41 PM

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