1. AshManMB's Avatar
    Having issues updating my gear 2.

    It won't update via gear manager, it goes through the whole process and downloads to the watch, watch reboots, and at 1% stops and reboots again and says update failed and try connecting to kiss.

    Connected to kiss on my mac running yosemite and tried again, it downloads and everything, but then some blue "S" icon comes up bouncing on the bottom of the screen and it stops there and won't perform the update.

    Is there another way to do this?

    I have reset my gear, uninstalled and reinstalled kids, rebooted the computer and still nothing
    04-18-2015 07:10 PM
  2. AshManMB's Avatar
    Well. Looks like samsung does't like apple mac thats for sure. Loaded up windows 7 in parallels, loaded in kies and usb drivers, install went without a hitch, firmware now updated...

    What a pain...
    04-18-2015 07:46 PM

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