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    One of our Gear Fit devices decided to reboot and never stop last night. I've searched and search, called Samsung, etc and nothing. Only option seems to send in for repair which they said is 9-14 business days (really???). When I called Samsung, the reps really had no idea what this device even was....purely searching through their systems for troubleshooting steps, which they found 0.

    Not a good sign. We've had this device for 35 days. I found a video on Youtube with someone having the same issue. 10 others commented they also had the issue. One person reported a solution which I tried, but it did not work for me or most of the others.

    05-20-2014 09:04 AM
  2. WriterCyndi's Avatar
    thanks. I have the same problem. The solution I saw on YouTube doesn't work for me either so I guess I will have to send it back!
    10-17-2014 10:02 PM
  3. TheFletch's Avatar
    Give Samsung service a call. If needed they will have you download and install Smart Tutor from the Play Store. Then they sang connect to your phone and control the Fit remotely and fix just about anything. My Fit had lost the icon for Settings and I couldn't fix anything. After an hour they had me back on track. Good luck!

    From my Note 4 via Tapatalk Pro.
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    12-24-2014 09:01 PM
  4. PlanetPluto7's Avatar
    The battery will die. Might try waiting for that and starting over.
    02-02-2015 11:32 PM

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