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    I've had my Gear Fit2 for about 8 months now. I have it streamlined to extend battery as much as possible, but there is one feature I use all the time that is an enormous battery hog. The Stopwatch.

    And it makes no sense to me. There is a clock running 24/7 on the thing. I don't understand why using the stopwatch (with the screen off, except to start and stop) would suck up battery. And I'm not talking about a little heavier than expected drain. The stopwatch can suck the battery completely dry in a matter of just a few hours. Which has happened when I forget to turn it off. Just look at this random screenshot I took a few minutes ago. My battery is halfway gone, and almost all of it is from the stopwatch.

    Anybody else seen this problem or know of a fix? I've updated my firmware/software several times and have done factory resets. No help.
    Attached Thumbnails Fit2 Stopwatch App Battery Hog help-screenshot_2017-06-20-07-43-56.jpg  
    06-20-2017 08:10 AM

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