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  1. foxbat121's Avatar
    Basically you just check the box to enable it and it should just work unless your account somehow doesn't allow call forwarding (it is not a free feature that everyone gets.). The number settings should already be set up as your watch's number. Like many settings of watch, you can set it up either on the phone or on the watch. Makes no difference.
    03-08-2015 05:38 PM
  2. Drezriel's Avatar
    Yeah I've tried checking and unchecking the box. I'm a victim of the "Network or SIM card error". Not sure what else to do. I've talked with AT&T and Samsung. Nobody can seem to get this working. Does checking the remote connection box normally force the connection or do you have to be out of range of bluetooth for it to enable?
    03-08-2015 06:14 PM
  3. Drezriel's Avatar
    I mean does this functionality work correctly for anyone on AT&T's network?
    03-08-2015 06:36 PM
  4. foxbat121's Avatar
    Works fine with mine. When you are BT connected, the cell radio will be disabled (the default auto cell radio setting). Hence, it may cause network error on the watch if you try to do something on the watch with regard to auto-forwarding. You will have to either get out of range with BT or disable the BT, and most importantly wait for 1 minute before remote connection kick in and cell radio enabled. Then auto forward start to kick in (you will get a popup when it starts to enable auto forward) which typically is another minute of waiting for me.
    03-08-2015 09:08 PM
  5. axio0940's Avatar
    >>So I've come to the conclusion that remote connect and call forward works correctly when the phone is not connected to the internet. I'm not sure how I >>>feel about that because that's more data that would have to be used.

    Absolutely CORRECT. I tested this myself... My call forwarding worked great until Jan 14th. I must have turned on WIFI then it stopped. GOOD JOB. I am using VERIZON so this must be a Samsung issue. I made the mistake of talking to Samsung - they said you had to be connected via BT!! I explained it had worked before but you know how that goes with "Read from the Book" support!!!
    04-08-2015 12:46 AM
  6. eric vose's Avatar
    att call forwarding to gear s works. I have note edge and gear s watch. I installed lollipop on the edge and did hard reset.
    Called ATT again. I got a good agent this time who talked with their network group. The gear manager has software problem with the network. She couldn't enable forwarding on the network for the edge because the gear manager would conflict when the call forwarding was checked. I unchecked forwarding in the manager and she was able to enable it on the network. Leave it unchecked in gear manager and it works fine. Also she said WiFi can't be turned on on either device. So if you leave your phone at home, turn off WiFi first on both devices. It freaking works. That took several days of messing to fix....
    04-15-2015 04:28 PM
  7. superuser86's Avatar
    I think the original question was suggesting that there are some issues with the technology. And Maybe so.
    The technology works like this:
    We pair our watches to our phone and enter the secondary phone number for call forwarding. When we walk away without our phone, we lose Bluetooth connection. We expect our phone to forward calls to our watch. Now its the loss of connection that sparks the question. Call forwarding is usually a manual thing. This tech relies on disconnection of Bluetooth to start the process. Firstly the phone needs to identify a few things. Did the user turn off the watch? Did the user walk away without their phone? If the watch was turned off, then that too means the Bluetooth connection is lost. But we wouldn't want the phone to start forwarding calls to a switched off device, would we? So the phone needs to check. That's why the watch, when a sim is inserted, need the data enabled. The phone remotely accesses the watch, via the internet, to check its still switched on. After the phone sees that the watch is in fact turned on, it will then change its call forwarding properties to forward calls. This takes a short time as well as relying on a reasonable network connection. That's perhaps why it can sometimes fail. If we turned our watch off, the phone wont be able to reach the watch and the phone won't change its call forwarding properties. I expect Samsung might try to solve the lag time in changing the call forwarding properties, but this does heavily rely on the network connection so it might be a tough one to solve completely.
    04-23-2015 07:40 PM
  8. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    I connect the two devices via BT and also make sure network and wifi are turned on. Then I make sure Call Forwarding is turned on for both devices. Whenever I'm out of BT range my watch automatically connects remotely to my watch and Call Forwarding turns itself on. When I get back in BT range, they reconnect via BT and Call Forwarding is turned off. I never turn off BT, as it extends battery life when it's connected that way. If I want to leave my phone at home, the remote connection and CF is automatic, as long as the phone remains on. Just in case, I leave the phone plugged into the charger.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-02-2015 06:29 PM
  9. mge1201's Avatar
    Would it help speed up fwding calls to the Gear S if we manually enabled call fwding via the phone's call settings menu versus via the Gear S app/settings? So all calls would route immediately to Gear S vs ringing the phone first and then diverting to Gear S. Would that work?
    06-04-2015 03:32 PM
  10. BarryH_GEG's Avatar
    If Gear Manager isn't managing the initialization of call forwarding it wouldn't be able to manage the re-connection when the Gear's back in BT range. So if you manually forward it you'd have to remember to un-forward it when your Gear and phone are back in range. I have no problem with the time it takes the phone to realize the Gear's disconnected from BT and the initialization of call forwarding. I had a big problem with how many times the phone would have to ring before call forwarding transferred it to the Gear. Most people just hung up thinking there was "no answer" and I'd get a missed call notification (remotely from my phone) on my Gear.

    For AT&T customers wait time before a call is forwarded is a network setting. The default is 20 seconds which is the time it was taking before someone calling me even began the call forwarding process to my Gear. 20 seconds is an eternity. Choices below that are 15, 10, and 5 seconds. I'm currently at 10 on the network side and "all-in" it takes about 20 seconds for the call to be answerable on my Gear. I may move it to 5 seconds but I'm going to play with 10 for a bit. You have to call AT&T technical support to get it changed and there's some sort of sub-menu the CSR has to find as the primary settings menu where the field is located doesn't show anything below 20 seconds.
    06-04-2015 05:20 PM
  11. Cbbunny2003's Avatar
    I called AT&T about the call forwarding issue last night and they ran remote access and found that it was a issue with lollipop update I too got the Sim not recognized he checked the call forwarding settings on the phone and then came back on the line and told me it was an issue with lollipop and that they were going to be sending out an update on it but until then they were going to try to send me a new SIM card and see if that would work if not I would have to wait until the update was coming I told him I didn't want to pay for a service that I was not getting the $10 a month and he said when the issue was resolved that they would credit me for however long I was out on the call forwarding issue. So it must be At&t . The more people that call and report it the quicker the patch.
    06-19-2015 10:02 PM
  12. Deucesjack's Avatar
    After lurking in this forum for quite a while I decided to join. I ordered an AT&T gear s for $99. Great watch but I to had problems with the call forwarding. Called my carrier and raised hell about them selling me a watch that I am unable to use the best feature. They blamed it on Google and Lollipop. When I dug deeper I found out that all Note 4 (I have the Edge) had their call forwarding shut off after the 5.0 update. They told me it was a known issue and I had to wait for the update and hope Google fixed it. I said this is pure nonsense AT&T is the only network where call forwarding is an issue. I spent hours on the phone climbing the ladder of the customer service ranks. Finally I was able to get someone higher up and they admitted to me it was an AT&T problem. They refunded me a years worth of the $10 monthly charge. They could only do a year at a time. I only paid $99 for the watch on a 2 year contract. So basically I got the watch for free with a $20 credit. A week later a lady called me from AT&T and said the call forwarding had been fixed. She walked me thru the steps on the phone and now it works perfectly. When they did the refund they also took the watch off contract and put me on a month to month basis. My main contention was how could you sell a watch with call forwarding as the main feature and then not have it work on your network. I insisted that they put a warning on their website that this feature does not work with the Note 4 otherwise its just out right fraud. After I put that formal request in was when I finally got some action.
    06-22-2015 11:14 AM
  13. BarryH_GEG's Avatar
    The "it's Lollipop" argument for a call forwarding issue doesn't make a lot of sense. I've been on 5.X on my Note 4 since March and Edge owners have been on it since April. Most Samsung devices less than two years old are now on some form of 5.X. If 5.X broke call forwarding for AT&T Gear S owners the hue and cry would be a lot louder than two posts and would have come a lot sooner.

    Call forwarding Issues-18872719490_a3e82dc40f_n.jpg

    Call forwarding works great for me and has since I got my Gear two months ago. I'd suggest whatever call forwarding issues the handful of AT&T people in this thread are reporting is probably a s/w on the watch problem or a Gear Manager problem on the phone. The latter is notoriously picky about how it installs; especially if its been used with a previous Gear device.

    Some tips:

    • Hard reset the watch by holding down the power button until "rebooting" appears. Select "recovery" by short pressing the power button to get there and then long pressing to have it initiate. If you've previously accepted AT&T's February update that'll be the version of s/w you're on. If you haven't, before trying to wipe your watch to set it up again, install the February Gear s/w update via Gear Manager. Once it's installed go through the recovery steps above. Going through recovery with the update installed is the cleanest and surest way to guarantee a pristine fresh current watch s/w configuration.

    • Go in to application manager in Android settings and hand remove all the Gear related apps listed there including the third party apps that you may have installed. IMPORTANT: remove the core Gear Manager app LAST. As you go through the removal process some of the Gear apps reinstall themselves. That's normal. When you lastly uninstall the main Gear app those will be uninstalled with it. Before you start this process make sure you go in to Bluetooth settings and manually delete the Gear's connection to your phone first. This seemingly cumbersome and manual process ensures that no logs, history, or setting files are left behind which happens when you just uninstall GM normally.

    • Reinstall Gear Manager on your phone and connect it to your watch. If you really and correctly wiped them both they'll have no awareness of each other and you'll be doing a virgin connection of the two.

    • Doing the above will completely obliterate any of your historical or saved Gear/GM settings both locally and on the Samsung server. There's no way around it and the virgin environment you're creating is the most likely cure for whatever problem caused you to be reading this thread in the first place.
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    06-22-2015 01:27 PM
  14. Deucesjack's Avatar
    The call forwarding issue was not just with the Gear S. I and other people were unable to forward a call anywhere. We were getting a sim card network error message when we would go into the setting under calls and try to do it manually. You basically couldn't forward calls anywhere. It was effectively turned off. AT&T's official response was that it was 5.x. It was definitely an AT&T issue. Trust me I must have 12-15 hours of phone time with my carrier trying to fix this problem. The good news is it is fixed now.
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    06-22-2015 07:06 PM
  15. dave cotterman's Avatar
    How did you fix it? Does your gear s work as intended now?
    06-23-2015 12:53 PM
  16. Deucesjack's Avatar
    Yes. AT&T called me about a week after they refunded me and told me it has been fixed. Now I just use the auto call forwarding in the gear manager and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, my watch is on the way to the Samsung service center as we speak. I woke up on fathers day to a bricked watch. Lmao. I tried everything to get it to boot up including plugging it into a laptop and nothing. Up until that point the watch worked perfectly after the AT&T fix. Hopefully Samsung gets their act together soon.
    06-23-2015 02:24 PM
  17. norbertslim's Avatar
    Got a explanation and solution to the call fowarding issue from note 4 to gear S.
    ATT have been selling the note 4 with the incorrect sim card
    Contact 611 and request them to chck if you have the proper sim card. They will replace it at no charge. It has a specific code and a factor of 7 or higher (?)
    Found this issue after 3 weeks of research with att and Samsung. If you chk on settings. Application.call you will find your call fowarding and call waiting on your note 4 is not on and a notice will open indicating network or simm card error when you try to activate it. Get the correct sim card and presto. Problem solve
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    06-27-2015 07:15 AM
  18. norbertslim's Avatar
    Call ATT and get the correct sim card. Remember for the call fowarding to work to the Gear S you need to turn off your blue tooth or be far enough (30 to 60 FT) from the cel (in my case a note 4) so as to break the blue tooth connection. It will not work if connected by blue tooth because the gear will automatically become and extension of your cell with out the need to foward the call. Call fowarding is from 1 cell number to another cell number, in this case from your cell # to the Gear S #.
    Once you get over this issue you will enjoy the liberty the Gear S give you.
    I don't have any issues with battery live, I manage the battery by turning the Gear S off when I don't need it.
    06-28-2015 06:12 PM
  19. norbertslim's Avatar
    Found out yesterday that att and samsung are working on the call fowarding, call waiting issue with the note 4 and gear s and will be closing its "urgent issue research" july 2 2015. They have been at it for a while. We should be getting and awnser then to a permanent fix. They have a big list of user with the same complains. Strangely not all note 4 gear s owners are having this problem which strongly suggest the problem is not hardware but programing on probably the sim card, gear app or both!!!!!!!
    Which comes to my earlier conclusion not every note 4 is getting the same sim card. Check yours. To start the 10th number on your sim card should be an 8.
    Lets see what att says after july 2.
    06-30-2015 05:43 AM
  20. Dustin Siekierka's Avatar
    any updates, my watch and note 4 edge still will not work
    07-23-2015 06:49 PM
  21. RC_Cola's Avatar
    Ok guys,

    It is an AT&T software issue. I had a Note 3 and it was working great with my Gear S. I traded my Note 3 in for an S6 Edge. The Edge worked fine with Gear S even after an AT&T software update. On Saturday (07/18/15), I traded my S6 Edge for the Note Edge. I wasn't paying any attention to the call forwarding until Monday (07/20/15) morning. I got the infamous Failed to Connect on my Gear S. I went to the AT&T store and swapped out the Gear S SIM card. We tried call forwarding and it worked even though the watch said Fail to Connect. On Tuesday, I swapped out both SIM cards. Still had the same issue. On Wednesday, I swapped out Note Edge for another Note Edge. I didn't check out what Android version was on the phone. But the call forwarding was working fine. No error message.

    I decided to check to see if there was an AT&T software update. My mistake, there was a software update. I decided to download and install the AT&T software update. Now, the infamous "failed to connect" error message has appeared on the phone.

    So that means,my name has been added to the list for the notification of the software update to fix this problem.

    Too bad , there is not a restore point to go back to prior to this update or uninstall this AT&T update.

    07-23-2015 11:29 PM
  22. Deucesjack's Avatar
    You probably have the wrong sim card in your Note Edge. AT&T is doing this to a lot of people. Go to your phone settings and try to forward a call to any #. If you get a sim card error then you have the wrong sim card. Go back to your store and ask for a sim card that is UICC-G or higher. The phone you have is supposed to come with a 4g card but AT&T has been sending them out with older cards especially in the big market areas. Most of the employees don't even know this or the fact that the Gear S has its own sim card. Hope this helps.
    07-24-2015 02:54 AM
  23. RC_Cola's Avatar
    How do you if the Note Edge Sim card is an UICC-G card?
    07-24-2015 04:40 AM
  24. BarryH_GEG's Avatar
    AT&T pushed a 5.0 update for the Note 4 yesterday. I took it and the phone's fine. Right afterward I got a notification that an update to Gear Manager was available. Took that too with no issue. My auto call forwarding never had a problem before and it's not having one now. If this was as widespread a problem as some are claiming the hue and cry in the forum would be much louder.
    07-24-2015 08:43 AM
  25. Deucesjack's Avatar
    Trust me I spent 20+ hours on the phone with them trying to figure this out. Like I said go to your settings in the phone app, tap call, then more settings, then call forwarding, try to forward a call to any # preferably your home # or Gear S. If you get a sim card error message then you have the wrong sim card. AT&T by way of lollipop and the wrong sim card effectively turned off all call forwarding for a lot of Note 4 and Edge users. They know about the problem. Barry if you don't believe me then live without the call forwarding, what can I say. I'm just trying to save people some time and not have them go through what I experienced.
    07-24-2015 09:57 AM
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