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    Had a great time in Cancun with the Note 4 and my new Gear S, but beware of data roaming even when phone and S are constantly parked in hotel room with strong (and free) wifi connectivity. First, make sure you dig into Gear S connection settings and make sure data roaming is turned off...we almost always do that with our cell phones, but don't forget the S. Secondly, found out from AT&T after nasty phantom data roaming charges that Apple and Samsung devices are notorious for using data roaming---if it is enabled---for auto updates, etc. even though the cell phones have access to good wifi connectivity. Just a FYI.
    11-14-2014 07:20 AM
  2. foxbat121's Avatar
    Here is a tip for international travel: unlock you phone before leave US and buy a local SIM card.

    With Gear S have only dual-band support, I don't think I will bring it out of North American.
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    11-14-2014 07:31 AM
  3. foxbat121's Avatar
    Here is another reason why you want to use local SIM card:
    Outside North America, AT&T charges roughly $2.5/minute for calls you make or receive. $1 for each SMS you make or receive. While you can choose not to pick up phone calls, you can't reject incoming SMS.

    In Mexico or Canada, it is slightly better (roughly half of the costs) but still very expensive just for calls and SMS.

    That's why I don't even power on the phone when I landed overseas until I get a local SIM.
    11-14-2014 06:26 PM
  4. lj_kearny's Avatar
    That's a plus for T-Mobile. Free international data.
    11-15-2014 03:42 PM

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