1. BeaverPuncher's Avatar
    I stopped into walgreens and when I came back to the car I checked a email that had come in. The watch would not come on or respond to the home button. After many attempts it finally went into reboot and has been fine for the last hour.

    I did what I normally do and left the car and the watch went onto remote connection because I heard the beep. I'm starting to thing the security scanner at the door did something to the watch. I'm not positive because I assume the watch is shielded bit it was to coincidental. I hadn't been to walgreens since the watch purchase nor had I been anywhere that has those security scanners that are up close to the doors like they have them. I'm going to test my theory again soon to see if it happens again.
    01-09-2015 11:54 PM
  2. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    Might be an app you installed.

    After I installed news republic I was experiencing the same problems as you and even had to hard reset my watch.

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    01-09-2015 11:58 PM
  3. BeaverPuncher's Avatar
    Only installed one app. Remote camera
    01-10-2015 12:19 AM

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