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    Hello All -
    I've been a pretty frequent visitor to this site over the years, but first time posting. Per customary netiquette, I have scoured the Forum for any post/issue related to the one I'm having - apologies if I missed it.

    Here is the issue I'm having with my Gear S (which I absolutely love, aside from this annoyance)...
    Starting in late February, I noticed that whenever a notification for an appointment in my calendar appeared on the Gear S and I selected "Snooze", the Gear S would instead dismiss the notification (on both the Gear S and my Galaxy S5). This carried on until an update was pushed to the Gear S a couple of weeks ago. The update applied successfully and (surprise!) I was able to Snooze appointment notifications again - that is until a few days later. As of now, Snooze appears to Dismiss an appointment notification.

    Anyone have any idea what could be the root-cause? I see in several cases that a reset will correct a lot of issues. That would seem to make sense, given that the patch that was applied a couple of weeks ago essentially reset my Gear S. That said, performing a reset every few days to resolve something like this is a little excessive. Open to trying (just about) anything. For background, I have installed a couple of watch faces (about 4), and only a couple of apps (Opera browser, a timer app, and a compass). Thanks in advance for any input/assistance you are able to provide. Cheers!...
    03-12-2015 01:21 PM

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