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    I had to reset my verizon note 4 and now I cant get it to connect to my gear s. I open the gear manager app and try to connect but it tells me I must update my software in order to do this . It automatically tries to connect to a url but tells me it's not found. Grr I'm getting frustrated.

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    07-23-2015 07:49 AM
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    I think you may have to reset the gear S too...

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    07-23-2015 09:33 AM
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    I think you may have to reset the gear S too...
    You must reset your Gear S when you either reset your phone, delete a linked Gear S via Gear Manager, or uninstall and reinstall GM on your phone. If you've chosen to back it up (in GM settings) when you reconnect it it'll restore most of your stuff from the host device. If you hard reset your phone there's nothing to restore so you'll have to rebuild your Gear S manually. As for updates, if it's for GM go in to Samsung Apps on the host device and take the update. If it's a Gear s/w update try accepting it after your Gear's properly reconnected to the host device.

    Tip: When you're hard resetting your Gear always go in to BT settings and manually delete its profile first. The first thing GM does when connecting to a Gear is setup a BT connection and it can cause problems if one already exists,
    07-23-2015 09:43 AM
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    Thanks guys! I failed to mention that I reset my gear s as well. Since I am on verizon I have to side load my gear manager and galaxy app store. I was going to the address the gear s was recommending to download the gear manager and it was telling me that it couldn't be found. I had found an older version of the manager on the forums but it wouldn't let me update. I finally found a current version of gear on another android forum. I finally got everything working again.

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    07-23-2015 12:51 PM

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